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Management research

IAE Angers draws on the expertise of some twenty teacher-researchers, all associated with the GRANEM laboratory (Groupe de Recherche Angevin en Économie et Management). 

This University of Angers laboratory is a multi-disciplinary research team (in economics and management), attached to the CNRS Federation n°3435 TEPP (Travail, Emploi et Politiques Publiques).  It is structured around 3 research poles.

  • Food, Environmental and Organizational Challenges

    This area focuses on the food, environmental and organizational challenges posed by current and future societal issues, particularly in terms of sustainable development and ecosystem preservation: 

    • stakeholder systems and the performance of public policies
    • organizations and the impact of societal changes
    • consumers and food and environmental challenges
  • Tourism, Culture and Digital Issues

    This axis aims to analyze the transformations of tourism, culture and the digital world at the macro (markets and public policies), meso (organizations) and micro (actors) levels, in particular with regard to :  

    • The role played by cultural and creative activities in local development
    • Specificities and changes affecting creative and tourism work, changes in employment and organizations, and supply strategies
    • Analysis of changes in consumer behavior and experiences, particularly the impact of digital technology on these practices.
  • Strategic Change, Risk and Financial Sustainability

    This line of research focuses on the adaptations of financial market structures in the broadest sense engendered by the adoption of the United Nations agenda on sustainable development in September 2015 around: 

    • public initiatives to finance the economy by supporting low interest rates
    • Analysis of innovative financial instruments
    • New financial practices and their regulatory framework


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