IAE Angers

About us

Created on 1 January 2020, IAE Angers is the university management school of the University of Angers. It is also part of the IAE France national network and: 

A high-level, responsible and supportive school

  • promoting access to management studies for all,
  • Committed to the personal and professional success of its students (French and foreign),
  • valuing merit in a demanding academic environment. 

A high-quality, innovative range of university courses  

  • based on university research, 
  • in line with market needs and societal challenges. 

A team firmly rooted in its environment  

  • working closely with students, vocational trainees and former graduates,
  • strong involvement of staff, university partners and socio-economic players,
  • Active participation in the IAE France network. 

The city of Angers

Angers, a vibrant city in the heart of France, is an ideal destination for future students.

At only 90 minutes away by train from Paris and 35 minutes from Nantes, Angers is Known for its rich history and offers a unique blend of academic excellence and cultural richness.

With more than 46 000 students, this city provides a stimulating environment for learning. With a welcoming atmosphere and a plethora of cultural events, Angers ensures that students also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in French culture.

Angers is a city that promises a fulfilling student experience.

More information on www.tourisme.destination-angers.com


A few tips about life in Angers :

To find out more about practical information such as accommodation or transport system in Angers, visit the website Bienvenue à l'UA.

IAE France network

IAE Angers belongs to the national “IAE France” network which includes 38 schools of management located within universitites. IAE France network is the public reference for management studies and represents one of the largest French communities in the business and management sciences.

The role of IAEs is to develop research and higher education in business and management within French universities.

Since their creation, IAEs have awarded diplomas to more than 500,000 managers, executives and engineers.



The IAE Spirit is the link between these values shared by IAEs.

The network federates beyond diversity and draws its strength from it. The brand "IAE" is a true label, which recognizes the value of training, graduates and partners of IAE. Beyond that, the "IAE Spirit" challenges and strengthens the positioning of IAEs in the landscape of higher education and research in France.

Being responsible. Believing in equal opportunities. A sense of effort. Strive for excellence.


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Certification label

IAE Angers has obtained Qualicert certification in accordance with the "University training and research activity in the field of management sciences and management" standard.